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What is the ezone? 


What are your services?


What type of funding possibilities are there for me to pursue?


I am interested in a state grant, what’s the next step?


First, you will need to contact the ezone at 859-292-7780.  We will send you a questionnaire to help us determine your needs and goals.  At this time we may also set up an appointment for you to meet with our Commercialization Director. This meeting is very important as the director will be able to help coach you through the application process while learning about your company’s needs.  Once you have had this meeting and are ready to move forward, you can go the KSTC website and start or continue your application.   BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION:  It is highly recommended that the ezone review your application before you submit it to KSTC.  Please make sure to contact our office again, if you have not already done so to make sure that everything is in order.


How do I submit a grant?


Once you have determined what grant you are applying for visit  http://www.startupkentucky.com/.  On the left hand side of this website you will see the funding options.  Click on the one you want and follow the instruction from there.  If you need further assistance, please contact us and we will help.  


I submitted my application, what’s next?


Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by KSTC.  If KSTC has any questions, they will contact you. KSTC may request a meeting with you and the staff at the ezone to review your product or idea and hear a presentation on it.  There are requirements involved with this presentation and we will help prepare you for the meeting before hand.  It will take several weeks for KSTC to make a decision on funding.  At which time, you will be notified by them if you have received an award. If you are denied they will give you specific reasons for denial.



If I am awarded funding from KSTC, is that money available to me immediately?


No, the money awarded is not immediately available.  There are guidelines that you have to meet in order to submit a request for funds from KSTC.  Remember to keep all of your receipts for expenditures if they fall under your approved expenses in your contract.


If I am NOT awarded funding from KSTC, can I apply in a future round?


Yes, schedule a meeting with the Commercialization Director to discuss the reasons for denial and determine what improvements can be made.  There may be simple modifications that can be made to the application or presentation.  If your product or idea was denied for other reasons, we will discuss them with you in detail. It is then your decision whether or not to apply again, but the results could be the same.



What if my idea is not of a high tech nature or I am trying to improve an old idea?


You should contact the ezone so that we can discuss your idea with you and try and find out how best we can help you.  We are here to help all entrepreneurs even though typically those companies are high tech.  If the ezone cannot help you with your needs, we may have other resources out there more suitable for you.


Do you still offer low cost office space for entrepreneurs inside your facility?


We have two options for office space.  You can decide to join the ezone as an associate member.  This membership is either $100 per month, $500 for six months, or $900 for the year.  Included in this membership, you establish a Kentucky address for your business, which is needed to apply for funding, and you will have your own mailbox here.  You will also have the use of a small office and our boardroom to entertain clients.  Both rooms need to be booked ahead of time so you will need to call our office to find out the availability of them and we can reserve them for you at that time. You will have a phone in the office that you will be able to use, but you will not have your own phone number.  The second option is to contact DS&JS Properties.  They lease out available offices on our 5th and 6th floors to entrepreneurs.  The ezone can show you around these offices and put you in touch with them if you find an office you like. 


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