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UpTech is designed to attract and accelerate entrepreneurs who have the next big idea to make the world a better place. Our mission is to create an informatics industry in Northern Kentucky. We are especially well-suited to support entrepreneurs who benefit from our partnership with the NKU College of Informatics. We catalyze this movement for a new entrepreneurial ecosystem by seeding informatics companies in our region with unparalleled support through our six-month program. 

Listing of locally based  funding sources listed by development stage:


Formation - forming company around innovation. Founder and initial team. Develop product/solution prototype. Crystallize business plan. Validate initial business model. Typically pre-revenue.

Northern Kentucky ezone

Queen City Angels

Southern Ohio Creates Cos.

Blue Chip Validation Fund

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Tomorrow Fund (focused on commercialization of innovations from Children's Hospital research)

Ohio Tech Angels

Fort Washington Investment Advisors


Early Stage

A few customers. Typically less than $1 million in revenue. Building out management team. Execute on full launch into target market.

Draper Triangle Ventures

Neyer Holdings

Reservoir Venture Partners

Chrysalis Ventures



Charter Life Sciences

Clean Wave Ventures

Fort Washington Investment Advisors

Fletcher Spaght

Expansion Stage

Product acceptance. Rapid growth. Typically $3 million - $5 million and greater in revenue.

River Cities Capital Fund

Blue Chip Venture Capital

The Walnut Group

Chrysalis Ventures


Charter Life Sciences

Clean Wave Ventures

Fort Washington Investment Advisors

Fletcher Spaght


(aka private equity and/or hedge funds). Focused on buying controlling interest (more than 50 percent of the equity) in established companies with positive earnings and cash flow. Utilize both equity and debt.

Strength Capital

Blackbird Capital

Collins Neyer Capital

Hillstreet Capital

Reynolds, DeWitt & Co.



The NKY ezone works collaboratively with several organizations that provide funding assistance to fast-growth, high-tech companies. Our team will work with you in assembling the necessary information, plans, and presentations to apply for these opportunities. The ezone has helped more than 70 clients and secured over $15 million in equity investments over the last year. Since our program began in 2001, we have assisted clients in achieving 44 awards in state funding and over $62 million in investments.

The ezone works with companies that fall within the following industries:


·         Agriculture and Bioscience

·         Energy and Environmental Technologies

·         Human Health and Personalized Medicine

·         Information Technology and New Media

·         Material Science and Advanced Manufacturing


We assist our clients in applying for and managing the following funding options. More information can be found by clicking on the specific fund name or exploring the option in the left margin.


The Kentucky Enterprise Fund, Rural Innovation Fund and Kentucky New Energy Ventures Fund are a series of seed stage capital funds that focus on the early stage commercialization of a technology-based product or process. By encouraging the commercialization of innovative ideas, these funds foster competitive, profitable companies that create high paying jobs and wealth in Kentucky. The funds are managed by the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC).


The Kentucky Department of Commercialization and Innovation provides funding/loan programs to assist high-tech firms that fuel economic development in the emerging economy.


The NKY ezone also assists in preparing clients for Angel Capital, Venture Capital, and traditional bank financing.




Potential Angels


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